Inspiring Exhibits

Creative Technology supports the world’s biggest trade shows and auto show floors with our turnkey audio, video, IT, rigging and lighting services. We provide our clients with the highest quality full service experience going beyond traditional providers in this area.

Auto Show

Auto Shows are comprised of automakers, designers, tech companies, startups, investors, dealers, government officials and analysts to name a few. With this many stakeholders will you be comfortable with just any company supporting your car stand? Creative Technology has been at every major Auto Show for the past 35 years. We work directly with automakers and the world’s top creative agency’s linking arms to deliver excitement and flawless results, time after time.

Product Showcase

Creative Technology is the right partner to choose for your next showcase. From Automobiles to Mobile Products and services the team at CT has the knowledge, experience and inventory to help you stay ahead of the competition.

Retail and Booth Technology

Are you looking for the next big “WOW” factor at your upcoming trade show or exhibit? At Creative Technology we bring your concepts to life with cutting edge technology integrated into your booths overall design. Creative Technology’s knowledge of the exhibit floor coupled with our cutting edge technology is the winning combination.

Conventions & Expo’s

Our turnkey technology support for conventions and expos is unparalleled in the industry. Creative Technology has resources ready to deliver cutting edge solutions and top flight technical service to your next event. We work closely with our clients before the event then deliver the best in class full service experience exceeding expectations time after time.

Supporting Exhibition Technology Around the World

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