Gloshine Polaris

CT China purchases 300sqm of Gloshine Polaris and  50sqm of Curface P2.6 with the new Novastar A10s Pro.

The successor to the immensely popular “W Pro” range, Polaris is the latest offering from Gloshine which improves upon its predecessor with both functional and internal upgrades.

With a fully modular design, the Polaris has now integrated magnetic LED modules to its Front and Rear serviceable chassis similar to other leading LED products. But what really stands out is its ability to easily build into different shapes and sizes. With a built-in +- 7.5 degree curving block, Polaris can easily create both convex and concave curves or even both within the same structure. Furthermore, Polaris is fully compatible with Gloshine’s Curface P2.6 as well. Curface is a flexible LED tile that can create curves of +- 30 degrees. The tile itself can be curved into a 30-degree arc. These two products together can help unlock new heights in creativity for stage designs and video displays.

To wrap it up, CT China has also invested in outfitting these tiles with Novastar’s brand new A10s pro Receiving Card, part of Novastars new MX Series. MX is the next step up for visual processing on LED for Novastar and integrates impressive features into an efficient package. With precise colour adjustments, HDR10, and flexible frame rates amongst more, the MX series promises to bring stunning image quality to high-end led applications.