UFC in Singapore

Creative Technology (CT) was honoured to work with UFC through Concom Inc, in 2019, the event was a major success and based on the fabulous experience with CT Singapore, once live events were resumed in Singapore this year, UFC reached out to CT to support the Road to UFC.  Road to UFC is the most significant opportunity for Asia’s top MMA prospects to make it to the world stage. The ground-breaking “win and advance” tournament featured eight mixed martial arts athletics competing in four men’s weight classes: flyweight, bantamweight, featherweight and lightweight. Followed by UFC 275: TEIXERIA VS PROHAZKA, UFC’s first pay-per-view event in Southeast Asia, the venue was close to being a sell-out with over 11,000 enthusiastic fans attending and broadcasted worldwide.

UFC included a plentiful amount of equipment inclusive and not extensive of a full scale of  Speakers Arrays;  Sub arrays; over 100 profiles; more than 120m combinations of trusses; follow spots and more. There was a magnificent electricity requirement to light up the fight, additional generators were brought to assure the lighting design could go beyond imagination to build a tense fighting ambience for each fight. To balance the complex lighting design, the stage design was created to allow the audience to focus entirely on the UFC Octagon without distractions.