Creative Technology supports first Wild Rift Icons Global Championship

Having wrapped up with League of Legends: Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) last month, the first-ever Wild Rift Icons Global Championship load-in was right off the bat. It was a tight timeframe from brief and pivot of the show from originally being held in Madrid to hosting the event in Singapore’s Suntec Convention and Exhibition centre due to the global pandemic complicating the visa application timeline for many regional teams. Creative Technology (CT) Singapore’s LED project lead and project manager had to ensure all the details and information were relayed accurately and timely as possible to our CT offices in Korea and Singapore while executing the MSI event in Busan and simultaneously redesigning for Wild Rift Icons in Singapore. The customized LED wrapped around the set and other customized equipment used from the MSI had to be sent over to Singapore for Wild Rift Icons as soon as MSI was completed with no time to spare.

Thank You Concom Inc, Technical Producers of RIOT for trusting CT to deliver both MSI and Wild Rift Icons, with the tremendous help from APAC CT offices, local partners and freelancers, both MSI and Wild Rift Icons were completed successfully and smoothly. We are looking forward to the next RIOT event.

Creative Technology thrives on delivering events for clients in different locations, our staff are highly skilled in managing several projects, planning logistics for equipment to be used in various locations and executing changes that may arise. This ensures our client will need to communicate with only one project manager for all events and the quality of the show can be consistent. With the support of CT offices in other cities, set-up for the next event can be done concurrently while wrapping up the previous event, embracing our company value of 1 + 1 = 3.