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CT purchases high resolution LED floor panels

Creative Technology now stocks AboutShow Kappa 9mm high resolution LED floor panels. While LED floor panels aren’t a new concept, the Kappa 9 panels are an exciting next generation of LED floor technology moving LED floors out of the dance floor and into the exhibit, entertainment, corporate, sports and broadcast environments.

What makes the Kappa 9 LED floor unique is that each panel’s surface is covered with a black, toughened glass top that delivers a high-quality finish and yet is extremely durable and sturdy. They have an injection-molded base which provides a higher impact, more durable, anti-vibration platform that withstands up to 1,000 kg/2,200 lbs. weight load per panel suitable for sporting events, driving vehicles over and exhibit booth floors.

The Kappa 9 series displays are fully programmable, achieve a colorful static and dynamic picture with excellent display effects, color saturation, uniformity, high brightness, low power consumption and have a large viewing angle.

Whether you’re planning a tradeshow exhibit, an entertainment or sporting event or a broadcast event, adding a dramatic new dimension to your environment is easy with our extensive inventory of LED products. Creative Technology offers one of the largest rental inventories of LED displays in the world, encompassing everything from 3.4mm high resolution displays and floor LED panels to outdoor and 40mm creative displays, all backed by a highly skilled technical staff. If you’re looking for only the best LED technology for your next live event, contact CT today to learn about our audiovisual solutions.