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LiveLink – Professional Broadcast Solutions of Content Delivered Anywhere Over IP

Google Next ’19 is a global exhibition of inspiration, innovation, and education. It’s where developers and anyone passionate about an accessible, scalable, socially responsible cloud come together to share challenges, solutions, 10x ideas, and game-changing technologies. Google NEXT included over 750 live sessions, behind the scenes interviews with executives and product managers, product demos from Google and their partners and much more over the three-day conference which was held at 11 different venues including the Moscone Center in San Francisco. Over 75 speakers from Google and many Fortune 100 companies were on-site to give presentations about how their companies handle cloud technology.

Google created a special microsite for the event, “Next On-Air,” a live, video streaming broadcast of 75 specialized sessions. Creative Technology was brought in as the audiovisual event company by both Jack Morton and George P. Johnson; world leaders in Experience Marketing, to handle all of the audio, video, lighting, and rigging production support as well as broadcasting and cloud recording throughout the 11 different venues.

Creative Technology’s LiveLink system is a fully scalable broadcasting solution that allows you to record and stream media to a cloud where it can then be edited, collaborated on, and shared with anyone anywhere in the world. It can also be viewed live with as little as 700ms latency. Once the content is recorded in the cloud, the editors/collaborators can make the changes then re-upload to be distributed through other channels, say to YouTube then to Twitter or Facebook. This point-to-point and multi-point-to-point way of working in the cloud has changed the way of modern broadcasting using IP.

CT was responsible for more than 750 recorded sessions over the three days. Using the LiveLink system, the team created a cutting-edge solution to broadcasting and archiving in the cloud via IP. This has enormous cost savings when it comes to numerous aspects of a show where you want to deliver a speech from your CEO, have it edited then streamed to several different social channels. Currently, this is being done by recording to hard drives then physically handing them to editors who then upload it to content channels over fiber or through satellite. Some venues have fiber fees, depending on how many connections you need, this fee can be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Using CT’s LiveLink over IP, we eliminate the costly burden of satellite and fiber fees. Another benefit to using LiveLink is that you no longer have on-site staff for editors. Because the content is being broadcasted to the cloud for distribution, it can be pulled down from anyone, anywhere in the world. Eliminating the need for on-site staff not only saves on travel costs, but on costly show floor space.

LiveLink is fully scalable, so whether you’re recording 3 rooms or 300 rooms, only one small box is needed for each room to distribute the content. As opposed to the multitudes of different editing rooms and staff you would need on-site with the older solution.

CT is the only audiovisual company in the world currently using this technology. Setting ourselves apart and leading the events management industry with this groundbreaking new technology is how we stay cutting edge, saving our clients money and creating “zero issue” events around the globe. Contact your representative today to learn more about our LiveLink solution for your next live streaming event.

Using LiveLink can potentially help clients realize savings across several key cost centers for their production:

  • Transmission/Connectivity: Using LiveLink’s IP/web-based streaming system may eliminate your need for satellite or fiber connectivity services.
  • Crew and Travel expenses: Using LIveLink may reduce the number of staff you need to bring to site alleviating crew and travel expenses.
  • Space Cost/Faciility Rental Fees: LiveLInk typically requires a greatly reduced footprint compared to other systems, potentially reducing the size of facility space needed for your production.
  • Equipment Rental: LiveLInk typically requires far less equipment to operate than the typical system, potentially reducing much of the cost associated with rentals.