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The International 10 Dota 2 Championship 2021

TI10 is one of the world’s largest e-gaming events and is followed by millions of gamers annually. This year it took place in Arena Națională in Bucharest, Romania on October 7th to 17th, with an amazing 40 million USD prize pool.

Teams from Creative Technology Northern Europe and North America started to work with the technical planning of the project already back in 2019 as it was originally scheduled to take place in the Avicii Arena in Stockholm. Due to the covid-19 situation, however, it was relocated to Bucharest, after a decision announced in June.

In close collaboration with Touch Worldwide Creative Technology supported Valve and PGL with an enormous delivery of LED screens, high resolution data switching, playout and intercom. The crew was onsite for a full 3 weeks to support the setup and a smooth implementation of the prestigious event.

“One of the challenges with moving from Stockholm to a Bucharest and a stadium size show was the increased volumes of LED and fibre, where we had to develop a whole new fibre infrastructure based on the Neutric 0pticalcon MTP24. A total of 102 fibre strands was run from the central control room based deep inside the arena to the stage 300 metres away,” said Niclas Ljung, CTO at Creative Technology Northern Europe.

CT also supplied a fully monitored power supply system involving a number of Stagesmarts PDU systems. The total power consumption for the full LED set exceeded 1,900 A per phase which meant a stable power distribution system was critical for the event.

To achieve a safe and smooth setup of the large onstage screens CT chose to use the new ROE BQ4 product, which is ideal for these type of large scale events.

CT was also asked to deliver the full Riedel intercom system throughout the venue, a huge task considering the long distances and underground concrete rooms that needed reach. Riedel Bolero was chosen for the task and a total of 20 antennas was used to cover the complete venue.

“While the path was rarely clear, we had tremendous confidence that no matter where on earth COVID might force our show to land, CT could still mobilize the right people and the right systems.”, said Nate Berends, Sr Technical Producer at Touch Worldwide.

Photo credit: Luis Acosta & NEP


Equipment used:


  • 950m2 ROE Black Quartz BQ4 Touring LED with windbracing
  • 230m2 ROE Black Onyx  BO2 High Resolution LED
  • 72m2 Black Marble BM4 Floor LED
  • 144m2 Carbon Black CB5 Lightweight LED



  • 5x Stagesmarts C-Quad 63
  • 6x Stagesmarts C24
  • 6x Stagesmarts 48PDU
  • 2x Stagesmarts C72tv


Graphic Switchers

  • 5x Barco E2 Gen2 High Resolution Data switcher



  • 8x Watchout Watchpax media server



  • 1 Riedel Artist 128 Mainframe
  • 1 Riedel Artist 64 Mainframe
  • 3 Riedel Artist 32 Mainframe
  • 30 Remote intercom panels
  • 60 Bolero Beltpacks
  • 20 Bolero Wireless antennas
  • 6 Riedel C44 Performer
  • 30 Riedel C3 Digital Beltpack