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Digital Consultation Services

Our digital services department is a group of talented project engineers, technical innovators, content generators and software developers who push the boundaries of art and technology and assist our clients and brands through the concept and production phases of every event.


Using modern gaming technology, Creative Technology can virtually build out your event, giving you the ability to move around your set, look at sight lines, and make sure everything is perfect before a build out begins, helping to prevent excess costs and onsite technical issues.

3D Modelling and Design

At Creative Technology we use traditional 3D software like AutoCad, as well as the Unreal Engine to create dynamic and highly engaging 3D models and spaces. Watch as your project takes on a life of its own and your design concepts are turned into reality.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

As technology progresses more and more brands are looking for the next big thing. As an industry leader in augmented reality we use LED, projection mapping and special software to provide video to surfaces that are transparent or may not even exist giving the effect of an augmented environment right on stage. Our virtual reality services offer the latest in virtual reality headsets. Using VR, we are able to bring a whole new experience to live events, mixing advanced concepts with our profound understanding of video technology.

Experiential Solutions

Our talented team of engineers and technical experts are behind the scenes at Creative Technology every day experimenting with new technology and how it can benefit our clients. When a creative agency or brand comes to us with a challenge, our team is willing and ready to build a customised solution for any event of any size.

Projection Mapping

Creative Technology at one time held the Guinness Book of World Records for our projection work on the Hoover Dam. But the story doesn’t end there. We continually push boundaries of what can be mapped. From cars, boats, buildings, stages, interiors, exteriors and everything in between. If it has a surface, we can projection map onto it.

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