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Golden – Live in Concert DVD

In addition to the customised video solutions Creative Technology (CT) supply and deliver for music touring,  the ‘long-form bolt-on’ service is a cost effective, unobtrusive solution which can be easily integrated into an existing camera package to capture and record to provide live music touring footage for DVD / video release.

CT supplied LED, cameras, and video equipment for Kylie Minogue’s Golden Tour in 2018, working closely with Video Director, Blue Leach. CT provided a touring 4K PPU, five Sony HDC-4300 cameras and crew to ISO record and cut the show in 4K for six of the tour shows for the Golden – Live in Concert DVD.

This, less obtrusive method of capturing creative footage was a fun process and, relatively low pressure for all whilst providing a beautiful choice of shots for edit and grade.” – Blue Leach, Award-Winning Video Director

To obtain the vast variety of footage for Kylie’s Golden – Live in Concert DVD across just six tour shows some of the main touring cameras were moved each night with additional ENG cameras brought in for certain shows to augment the edit with contextual and geographical footage. Using ENG cameras in this way helps reduce seat kills and maintain sight lines that would normally be compromised on a standard one-day shoot. A Director of Photography worked closely with Blue and the team to keep an eye on lighting levels and camera grading.

Creating a tour film which is shot across multiple shows allows more opportunities to capture shots from each camera position as the show develops. Using the same camera operators’ night after night allows them to gain a sense of familiarity with the show, enabling them to shoot the best shots with ease. Recording in this format not only makes it less intrusive for the audience but also relieves pressure on the artist – allowing for a trusted relationship to be built and the possibility of including exclusive behind the scenes footage which gives the film a sense of intimacy and credibility to fans.

Kylie Minogue’s ‘Golden Live’  won the 2019 UK Video Music Award for Best Live Concert Film.


Image Credit: Andrew Whitton