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League of Legends World Championship 2020

Creative Technology (CT) Shanghai team has proudly completed the League of Legends World Championship from Quarter finals, Semi-finals to the Finals at the Pudong Stadium. The World Championship 2020 went from rotating to various Chinese cities to taking place entirely in a high-tech Shanghai studio without any audience, only the finals was hosted in the Pudong Stadium with over 6,000 live audiences, it is the first show of the year hosted by the Pudong Stadium and the only major e-sport event in China in 2020.

In the early stages of the League of Legends World Championship, the month-long tournament was played out of a high-tech studio in Shanghai. The studio was fully supported by CT Shanghai, it comprised five departments, video which included LED, BOH TV and signal distribution using IP Solution, audio (PA System, Riedel Comms from CT London with the support of CT SH), lighting, rigging trusses and hoists and power. Together it supported the Unreal engine-powered backdrop to create the wildering mixed reality effects. Being in the high-tech studio, all online viewers had the most amazing mixed reality viewing experience.

Once again, the League of Legends World Championship Final was visually stunning and a great success, the upstage was comprised of two large outdoor LED each over 220sqm and the centre video wall was 320sqm big. To ensure the best experience, there were two additional video walls on each side on top of the upstage videos, over 550sqm each on the stage left and stage right, the ginormous video walls allowed every live audience to see all detail in the game and enjoy the immersive experience in the large stadium.

The opening of the Finals was split into different parts, opened with Virtual K-pop group performing in augmented reality on stage, followed by a melody of anthems from the past World events, with rising floor screens and floor LED supporting the performance the players were then introduced and a virtual towering version of the League of Legends character Galio appeared on stage. To top the experience, even the gamers pod was lined with LED from roof, back of the wall to the floor and even the gaming tables.

The CT Shanghai team is extremely proud to have worked alongside RIOT for the League of Legends World Championship 2020. This marks the 4th consecutive year we’ve provided technical support for this month-long championship journey and it’s been a pleasure working together with RIOT creating the best e-sports championship tournaments in the world.