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London Olympic Games 2012

During London 2012, Creative Technology provided system design, installation and operational support across all 42 competition venues for LOCOG. Our delivery included PA systems for the following areas; front of house (sports presentation), Press conference and workroom areas, staff break areas, venue entry and exit / common domain systems and sports specific solutions.

CT achieved a virtual clean sweep, winning almost every contract they went after, monopolising the Audio Visual delivery across the Games and employing around 300 CT and Dimension Crew over the six weeks of events. From providing screens, audio equipment, full sports presentation systems, consultation on design and procurement of equipment to delivering some of the most stunning LED design and projection sequences ever seen on a world stage.

CT certainly positioned themselves on one of the top spots on CT’s scope for all four Ceremonies fell into four main areas; screens, projection, content delivery and a spectacular audience effect.

Four 150m2 LED screens were installed into the main Olympic Stadium and flown from stadium lighting gantries. Each Spider 30 screen measured a massive 19.2m x 7.7m high (63’ x 25.2’). The modules were built into a purpose built steel frame and were wind tunnel tested in readiness for sitting in the exposed location. The frames incorporated access ladders and gantries for servicing along with a black fabric rear cover to improve contrast and to provide a degree of weather protection that could be retracted in excessive wind conditions to reduce the wind load on the screens and lighting towers.

The LED crew all completed high level rope access and rescue courses as part of the Health and Safety program. The screens were used in all four Ceremonies and throughout the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Various segments of the Ceremonies’ shows utilised video projection. CT installed a total of 26 new Panasonic DZ21 and DZ20 projectors. These were the first units of this new product to be delivered worldwide. The projectors were considerably smaller and lighter than any equivalent 20k projector and became CT’s primary large-scale projection product. 20 projectors were installed on the 2nd tier balcony rail (most in portrait configuration) with six on the roof of the Stadium. Projectors were re-configured for the various shows, each of which presented its own set of challenges.

The Opening Ceremony featured a 60’ high inflatable house which swayed and wobbled in the wind, while the Closing saw 30’ high portrait screens driven into position on tipper trucks with projectors mounted into custom built gimbals to allow the projectionists to manually shift the projectors like a follow spot. For the Paralympic Opening Ceremony two projectors were built inside a 3m diameter moon.

CT delivered content to all of the video display technology in the shows. A total of 32 servers were employed. For the first time CT employed Mac Pro’s throughout and re-configured these to run Catalyst, Immersive or Watchout software as required. The system incorporated 100% redundancy via dual 144 x 72 HD-SDI routers and CT also controlled all other signal distribution and fibre cabling/conversion. All were managed with Medialon control.

In addition, CT’s system triggered the various VT/EVS rolls in the main broadcast production and provided extensive Stage Management and multi-viewer monitoring for show and production control. LED screen content was controlled via a 2ME Kayak PPU system that had three dedicated cameras and multiple ISO and TX feeds from TV.