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Queen + Adam Lambert Tour

Creative Technology (CT) has played an integral part in bringing the current Queen + Adam Lambert tour alive, working alongside some leading industry professionals to create a truly spectacular, unforgettable show.

From the US, through Europe and out to Australia – the tour has been an overwhelming success. Now, the musical extravaganza is selling out arenas as they span Europe with their latest tour, this time visiting some of the areas they were unable to get to last time around. The band will then move on to a residency in Las Vegas come September and CT are proud to be one of the suppliers – delivering a stunning performance using the very latest event technology.

“We started working with the band in 2015 and were delighted when Juliette Slater (Tour Director) invited us to stay involved in this current tour”, Graham Miller, Head of Music/Entertainment commented.

One of the main features of the set which really brings it all together is the curved 24m x 4m header screen, which has been built with a custom-made structure to create the perfect curve with three different radii. The structure was commissioned by the production team and made by Acass Systems. Although having previously taken advantage of the ultra-lightweight, ultra-thin properties of this LED screen, CT were yet to fully utilise its impressive 40% transparency capabilities, so this show was the ideal opportunity to really showcase this innovation.

“One of the central parts of the show design that we needed to concentrate on was the large, curved header screen elevated above the band”, says Graham. “Ric Lipson from Stufish Entertainment Architects had come up with the design and concept, working in tandem with Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair and Content Producer Sam Pattinson at The Third Company, and we had to find the right solutions to bring all that to life.”

On top of all this, there are 2x 3mm LED tiles that ‘live’ inside the head of ‘Frank’ the robot. First making his appearance on the ‘News of the World’ 1977 album cover, he has now been brought into the 21st century, not only popping out of the stage during the performance but with fully animated eyes, which is quite a sight to behold!

Graham explains, “We worked with the production manager, Paddy Hocken and fabricator Acass Systems to create this beautiful curve.  We then had to send different video images across the different video surfaces – even animating the eyes in the robot head of Frank, which pops through the stage during the show. The all-important content for the show is run from 2x disguise gx 2 media servers with integrated Notch.” Graham commented, “As we got closer to delivering the project we decided that the gx 2 would give us the ‘grunt’ we needed to deliver across all of the screens. The disguise gx 2 enabled us to apply realtime effects with the integrated Notch set up for several songs. Notch integration was especially useful for this project.”

Another key area of the show which CT run is the live camera and video relay, providing a PPU with six HD cameras including two with long lenses and four HD mini-cams as well as a robocam which is mounted in the truss up above.

James Liddiard, Project Manager, commented, “We received the camera spec from current TPI Video Visionary and video director Steve Price. Steve has worked with the band for several years and really knows what he needs camera wise to make this show work to the high standards of the band. It is great to be involved”.


Image Credit: Bojan Hohnjec © Miracle Productions LLP