Service & Repair

Service & Repair

With our large team of support technicians, and by using modern support tools, we can manage a short response time with high servicing skills in repairs. As we often repair on component level, instead of changing complete pcb’s, we can provide quicker and more cost efficient service. Both for our own equipment as well as for our clients. Part of our environmental work is our attitude; we’d  rather fix locally, than send it all over the world to suppliers.

Our workshop with its talented team is fully equipped with specialized tools to ensure excellent service is always provided. As examples of this a conductive floor, electronic microscopes, lifting devices for heavy equipment, centrally distributed nominal test signals at all workbenches and could be mentioned. All workbenches have extraction for the vapor from soldering to clean the air in the workshop.


Certified service

All Panasonic LED screens that are sold in Europe are serviced at CT instead of being sent to Japan for repair. We carry out this same service for Martin, Shure and Barco products. Since 2018, we are the main workshop for all Shure equipment in Sweden, both under and after warranty. Our technicians have more than 20 years of experience of Shure service.

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