We have the talent, experience and creativity to design and execute the perfect stage to your next event. Whether it’s a massive music festival or a formal business conference, we can provide the staging from start to finish. Our committed technical production team has decades of experience of staging and have knowledge of many venues’ logistical factors and existing infrastructure.


Even the most demanding needs for shows under the sky can be met through our extensive catalogue of outdoor stage options. Our professionals take everything into account, whether it be the weather conditions, load bearings or accessibility. Through detailed planning and professional execution, we can ensure safe and functional environment for your outdoor show.


In addition to traditional staging products, we can provide flexible solutions for different kinds of temporary structure needs. Crowd control, mixing towers or auxiliary areas for storage needs are just to name a few options. With modular steel products, all the solutions can be executed safely and professionally with world class precision.


Mobile stages can make a huge difference in those projects where time is not on your side. Compared to traditional truss-based stages, mobile stages are faster to setup and dismantle with fewer staff members, thus being very cost-effective option when applicable. Our mobile stage solutions range from small, van towable versions all the way to outdoor concert sized versions and are fast and safe way to ensure great conditions for Your performers and audience.


Rigging and planning is the basis of a successful and safe technical setup. We are completely self-sufficient with rigging equipment for both small and large productions and our vast rigging equipment inventory allows us to adjust to whatever the projects need may be. Rigging and structural design being at least as important as safe execution, our team members are highly skilled in creating drawings and designs by using the latest and most innovative software available in the market. Our onsite crews are skilled, trained and top of the line professionals and can execute even the most complex designs safely and effectively.



Whenever a custom solution is required, our design teams, both visual and technical, are always ready to listen Your visions and assist you on making them reality. Through our extensive network of partners we can design and execute even the wildest ideas while naturally maintaining functionality and safety.


For that wow -effect that will leave Your audience in awe, we can provide rigging automation and reveal systems. We stock Kinesys and Cyberhoist systems, which are industry standard for vertical movement of trussing during the performance. For the grand reveal, keep Your audience on their toes and let our team design the perfect reveal with our textile winches and high-speed reveal system. Solutions are flexible and let You design yet another dimension to Your show.

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