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Streaming Technology & Interactive Platform

Creative Technology’s own developed tecViz streaming and interactive platform provides the means of holding effective meetings and interacting with colleagues and partners around the globe. tecViz also includes a meeting platform used at annual meetings and congresses, with every functionality needed to uphold the democratic process. All tecViz tools are easy-to-use, password protected and can be brand customized.

tecViz Live

tecViz Live is a tool used for streaming. By distributing your digital meeting or event via tecViz Live, you can reach viewers and participants worldwide. You choose whether you want to stream the program to social media platforms such as Youtube, Facebook or LinkedIn, or perhaps post it on-demand on a website. The tecViz Live platform is based on Amazon CloudFont, which is the largest distribution network in the world.


  • Live streaming
  • Streaming on-demand
  • Subtitles
  • Distribution to social media channels
  • Distribution to websites
  • Password protected

tecViz Presenter

tecViz Presenter is a presentation view where the camera image is displayed in a window next to the presentation. This makes it easy for viewers to follow the keynote speaker and the slides simultaneously. tecViz Presenter is a much-appreciated tool for virtual events, meetings, press conferences, company reports and other occasions where you want to combine video with additional information such as presentation slides. The chapter division makes the on-demand version user-friendly and easy to navigate in – an outstanding feature for long broadcasts such as congresses and annual meetings.


  • Presentation view with slides next to the camera image
  • Slides preview
  • Interaction with audience
  • Viewer statistics
  • Chapter division
  • Password protected

tecViz Event

tecViz Event offers interactive features such as live chat, questionnaires and polls, and can be used to ask questions to speakers, participate in quizzes, brainstorm ideas and much more. Participants’ input can be presented as word clouds, graphs, speech bubbles and tables, and brings to life discussions on interesting topics. tecViz Event also includes a menu function that can display the meeting agenda and content such as information about keynote speakers, exhibitions, maps, hotels and travel information.


  • Interaction with audience
  • Live Chat
  • Questionnaires and polls
  • QR code function
  • Easy-to-navigate menu
  • Password protected

tecViz Congress

tecViz Congress is an advanced congress system used to manage the democratic process and formalities in annual meetings and congresses. The system includes tools for administering participants, and handles motions, votings, speaker lists, speaker’s time and protocols. Each delegate uses a tablet or computer to review documents, submit pleas, request the floor and vote. tecViz Congress ensures a smooth meeting process while replacing the tons of paper traditionally used.


  • Request for the floor
  • Speaker list & speaker’s time
  • Plea submission
  • Voting
  • Generation of records
  • Password protected

Streaming Technology and Interactive Platform

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