Virtual Events

Virtual & Digital Event Technology

We provide innovative solutions to host and stream cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or hybrid events such as conferences, product launches, business meetings, talk shows, congresses, award galas and more. Productions can be hosted in either one of our ready-built studios or in a custom-built studio space at any location.

Broadcast Technology

CT offers a wide range of scalable camera solutions that together with our audio, video and light technology can transform any location into a high-end virtual event studio. Our camera technology and flexibility enables us to deliver turnkey solutions from small live company presentations to advanced TV broadcasts. As a part of the NEP global family, Creative Technology also has access to more than 190 HD, 4K, HDR and 2110 compliant mobile and OB trucks globally.

Our Studios

Our studios are designed to accommodate a wide range of virtual event productions such as corporate meetings, product launches, entertainment and talkshows. The studios are stylish and multi-functional, with high-res displays to showcase your message or unique branding. Various set designs enhance the visual experience, while the ready-to-use technology offers secured streaming, interactivity and live communication with your audience, no matter their location.


Invite your remote event speakers via secure, low-latency live links, and let them participate in your broadcast without having to leave their home. A studio-in-a-box is a solution that can be couriered to your client for simple setup in their house with access to support online or over the phone. It is ideally suited for HD studio broadcast contributions where there are limited on-site technical resources available. The camera, lights and audio can be controlled remotely from any Chrome browser using the Manager Portal to ensure the highest quality content is received.

Streaming Technology

As a global operation, we’re well-placed to stream securely from anywhere and at any time. From encoding a feed to YouTube to providing dedicated point-to-point options, we offer a wide range of solutions to bring your event online. Our simplest solution broadcasts a pre-mixed signal; at the other end of the spectrum we can host, manage and distribute your content via a dedicated private streaming server. We’ll even build a custom web page to display the feed and can offer password-only access. Using redundant systems we can guarantee that whatever you are streaming will not suffer a loss of transmission.

Interactive Platform

tecViz Software is a suite of software services used for various virtual events. tecViz Software provides the means of holding effective meetings and creating stunning presentations. Through scalable live streaming platforms you can reach colleagues and partners all around the globe. All tools are easy-to-use and can be brand customised. tecViz includes interactive features such as questionnaires, free text functions and polls, and is used to ask questions to speakers, participate in quizzes, brainstorm ideas, and much more.


Creative Technology offers professional simultaneous interpretation in any language at any event, whether it be on-site, a virtual or a hybrid event. The online platform allows interpreters to translate from any place across the world. Attendees listen to the interpretation in real time from anywhere, with their own device (mobile, tablet or computer) using a mobile application or a web browser personalized with your branding and event graphics.

Virtual Solutions

Put your presenter in a virtual world and interact with it any way you can imagine. The result – a higher quality environment with less latency, and a simplified workflow which opens a multitude of opportunities for live and experiential events. CT provides advanced technical solutions such as green screen studios, XR (Mixed Reality), AR (Augmented Reality), camera tracking, Live Link video, and more – all taking your virtual event to the next level.

Centralized & Remote production

Our centralized & remote production solutions streamline production and drastically reduce the need for staff on site. Through the centralized production solutions we can share resources between several parallel productions, so-called hubs. With only cameras and microphones in the field, we collect the audio and video signals via link and mix them in one of our control rooms into one common feed. The remote technology can of course aslo be used with the signal from only one remote site.

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