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Women Entering the Industry

International Women’s Day provides a valuable opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women and highlight the importance of gender equality in all aspects of our lives.

At Creative Technology (CT), we believe it is important to be open and transparent with our clients; It’s no secret that the tech industry is heavily dominated by men, who lead in pay, leadership roles, and representation.

However, there is no doubt that in recent years this industry and, specifically, the audiovisual sector, has begun to change. With a new generation of young people discovering their career paths, we hope that more and more girls and young women will be encouraged to enter the exciting world of technology and audiovisual.

A major influence on a student’s career path is her primary and secondary education. STEM subjects – an acronym for “Science”, “Technology”, “Engineering”, “Mathematics” – are an essential basis for students to recognize their future career options, so it is essential that, from school, they stand out and promote professional opportunities in STEM careers for women, since they have always been -and still are- careers studied mostly by men.

The young women from CT Ireland’s Graduate Training Program and NEP Ireland wanted to share with us their experiences as students starting out in the technology industry.

We have spoken to one of the postgraduate students who joined the CT Ireland & NEP Ireland training programme; She comments on the lack of information provided by her career guidance teacher about STEM careers and appreciates the help and support of one of the volunteers who collaborates with “Foróige”, the youth development center in Ireland.

The volunteer, she opened up a new world for him; She told her about her film production team, and encouraged both her and her peers to take an interest in the different aspects of film production and sign up for classes to broaden her production knowledge.

“If it’s something you’re interested in, don’t let anyone talk you out of it… I met my closest friends while working on productions and got to work with amazing people on projects that I’m really proud of, it’s the best feeling in the world.” world”, concludes the student.

On this International Women’s Day, Creative Technology hopes to encourage more girls and young women to get started in this exciting industry and we hope that one day it will no longer be seen as a male-dominated sector, but as a great career choice for all.