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New FAQS Season

The ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQS) premiered its 5th season


One of the TV3 programs that gets the most headlines every week on the networks and on the street has returned. The “Frequently Asked Questions” (FAQS), premiered its 5th season this Saturday, September 4, and did so with some new features. Fixes on the set, new collaborators and a new face for the information on the big screen. The program is back in good shape: leader of its time slot with a 13.3% share.

Creative Technology Spain has been part of the production of this fifth season of the FAQS in the assembly and content management of the two LED screens; focal point of the program. Our 2.5mm pixel pitch Absen Polaris has been the 6m x 3.5m screen; background of the general shot of the program, while the hanging semi-transparent screen, shot of some moments of the broadcast, has been a 10mm pixel pitch GLUX BAtn brought from Creative Technology UK. The great thing about being part of a group is the great supply and availability of LED screens which makes it easy for creatives to make almost any screen design and dimension a reality.