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Outdoor LED Screen Rental

Everyone wants to see what’s happening up front. Why not enhancing your sporting event with a mobile or modular outdoor LED screen?

Creative Technology offers Europe’s largest fleet of mobile LED screens with units from 16 to 81 sqm.

Our rental mobile LED screens can be easily transported, assembled and dissembled, and ready for immediate use in less than two hours from the moment that the mobile LED screens trailer arrives on site.

Not sure what type of LED screen would suit your event? The sky is the limit when it comes to renting a high-quality LED screen for your event. From trade shows and festivals to indoor and outdoor sporting events, rent  cutting-edge LED screen that will turn your gathering into a memorable viewing experience. We can offer a wide range of sizes, pixel pitch and shapes.

Why not ensure every attendee at your event has the best possible view?

Get in touch to learn more about our LED Screen rental solutions.

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