Audio Services for Live Events


Our dedicated audio professionals are experienced in taking a variety of different types of audio and distributing them effectively over any scale of event. Our Sound Engineers are passionate about achieving the highest fidelity audio every time, so you can have total confidence in CT Spain to deliver your live show.

PA Systems

Creative Technology’s highly experienced audio engineers design and deploy flexible and scalable PA systems that look good, sound phenomenal and integrate with every other aspect of your event. If a traditional set-up would compromise the visual look, we’ll design and install a system that’s discreet and effective without impacting sound quality.


Radio microphones and in-ear-monitors are the backbone of any event, and their ability to work seamlessly with other event technology is vital for a smooth-running show. Our in-depth knowledge of live events, mixed with our industry-leading kit, means we’re the experts in large-scale deployment and frequency management. We have an unrivalled range of microphones, in-ear monitors and radio equipment that are specified by our audio specialists and deployed impeccably by our on-site Sound Engineers.


Modern day productions necessitate the need for redundancy across the board and clean digital audio. CT Spain has the expertise and an extensive collection of mixing consoles, microphones, outboard equipment and networking infrastructure to bring it all together seamlessly. No matter the size of the event, we can design, build and deploy the right system for you.


Intercom Systems

Intercom is an essential part of any kind of show, event or broadcast. Creative Technology has a large inventory of scalable, wired and wireless and IP intercom systems, we’ve the capability to offer you a system that’s built just for you – so your clients, talent and creatives can communicate securely and reliably. Creative Technology can provide high-fidelity, ‘mission critical’ communication that’s scalable, secure and built around you.

Audio Services for Events of All Sizes

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