Rio 2016

11 November, 2016

Here’s a small taste of what happened behind the scenes during the summer in Brazil.

The Olympic and Paralympic Games are the largest live events on the planet, viewed by audiences of billions. In Rio a CT team of 225 delivered a cutting edge video and audio experience within all 42 venues, as well as unforgettable visual effects at all four Olympic ceremonies.

225 people, 42 containers and 20 tonnes of air freight
16 months prior to Rio, CT formed a dedicated Olympics team to avoid any impact on non-Olympic related business. CT staff, recruited from offices worldwide and supplemented with local crew, freelancers and delivery partner staff made up a highly experienced team of 225. They were needed as well, as Mike Chesterton, CT Project Manager, commented, “We had nearly 42 containers and 20 tonnes of air freight with equipment sourced from Singapore, Japan, the US, China and Brazil. Its lucky we thrive in tough international environments where excellent logistical planning is a must.”

All 40 sports venues were supported
CT’s four dedicated installation and support teams, worked alongside long standing partner Mediatec, to supply the 40 sports venues, the International Broadcast Centre and Olympics Athletes Village. Scoring/viewing displays, video production systems and in most cases RF camera systems were provided to ensure the spectators on site were made fully aware of all the sporting action.

Leading edge Olympic Ceremony projection design
The trend for harnessing video projection in Olympic ceremonies was taken up a level in Rio; the first Summer Games to employ projection across the entire field of play. An innovative four tower layout achieved a 300lux brightness level without excessive shadows from cast and scenic elements – normally the challenge of single or dual tower design.

CT engaged with French projection specialist suppliers ETC, to handle the server and projector control elements of the project. The end result was praised by audiences and the world’s media. The BBC, New York Times and China Daily were enthusiastic in their reporting.

The UK Independent reported, “Though there were space limitations in the Maracana which does not have typical Olympic dimensions — there is no track – the projections onto it were vivid and dramatic and seamless.”

Want to know how integrated sports screens or projection design could enhance your next live event? You can contact Mike, Scott and Dave on,,, or call 01293 582000 and speak to one of our CT account managers to discuss your plans.

Scott Burges, CT Senior Project manager, commented, “The CT and ETC teams worked really well together. In the world of projection, you typically run two shifts a day. The night crew come in for dinner, see the tail end of cast rehearsal and then work through to dawn on line up and integration with lighting. The day shift look-after the switching and Playback system for the House LED Screens, broadcast feeds and system maintenance. I must say that I believe we had one of the best crews I’ve ever worked with.”