Sky City

10 August, 2014

Saturday 2nd of August, the first edition of Sky City Festival took place at the Arenapark in Amsterdam.

Creative Technology’s Holland operation fitted both the outdoor stage and the Heineken Music Hall with hundreds of square meters LED screen commissioned by Mojo Concerts.

Creative Technology (CT) didn’t have an easy challenge; ‘deliver a video solution for the Sky City Festival and assure that the whole stage looks like a big skyline with towers and skyscrapers, which fit into the setting; the Amsterdam Arenapark.’

With 550 m² LED and a video setup, able to create different scenes with content, CT turned the Arenapark into a dynamical skyline. Besides the outdoor mainstage, CT also fitted an additional 130 m² LED in the Heineken Music Hall where a part of the Sky City Festival took place.

Sky City is a new dance festival situated in Amsterdam with an open air main stage at the Arenapark and an indoor stage inside the Heineken Music Hall. One of the biggest names performing was the 24 year old, Avicii. 

The success of Sky City’s debut and the performance of CT at the festival are proven by the following quote: "After this massive set, the rest of the festivals will be slightly disappointing...; it's huge!" (Rick, Comix tour-VJ for Avicii)