Bringing the World Cup to Qatar

25 de julio de 2014

With just eight years until they host the FIFA World Cup in 2022, Qatar was keen to be involved in this year’s biggest international football tournament!

Qatar’s Brazil 2014 Fanzone, was a specially built, open-air venue with a three tier retractable roof located in Katara Cultural Village. 

Using a prototype of one of the systems that Qatar is developing to use in stadiums when it is their turn to host the World Cup, the venue was cooled to ensure the environment, if not the atmosphere, was kept at a regular and comfortable temperature for all fans.

With a total project run from build on 18th June to de-rig on 18th July to cover the entire tournament and employing a 10 to 14 man crew, Creative Technology’s (CT) Middle East operation provided the latest 8mm SMD lightweight product in the form of a 10.2 x 5.7 16/9 main LED screen with side supporting screens of 20m x 3.2m in a 20mm SMD. In addition, single LED fingers extended all around the 29m of the parameter of the venue in 20mm SMD, all flown and positioned on bespoke structures.

CT also provided a multitude of LED display screens ranging from 26’ – 84’. The screens were placed all around the venue, which included the walk-in reception, the VIP area and the interactive zones. With such a multitude of screens, CT delivered the live game, messaging, key sponsors and call to prayer, to all the display surfaces during the time the public were in the fan zone.

Outside the entrance area CT provided large format projection to deliver full HD logos and key sponsor images in the form of a 6m triangular projection. The projection was executed by utilising two Panasonic HD21 projectors based on towers situated in the car park. The placement and location of the projection meant it was impossible to deliver data cable from CT’s control hub to these positions, however this was remedied by creating wireless data networks and Watchout locally controlled at the tower positions. This enabled CT to send full data commands and content playback from the single point control positions via wireless control.

With all the equipment provided by CT’s ME operation, CT worked directly for Wasserman with the overall project led and by the Supreme Committee for Legacy and Delivery.