Ford Go Further 2016

05 de diciembre de 2016

CT, engaged by production company Imagination, delivered the entire audio, visual and IT infrastructure for this month’s FORD “GO FURTHER” event.

Creative Technology (CT), engaged by production company Imagination, delivered the entire audio, visual and IT infrastructure for this month’s FORD “GO FURTHER” event. A special show to reveal the next generation Ford Fiesta, a vast, purpose built arena was purpose-built inside Ford’s Cologne vehicle production plant.

Two massive LED screens; the widest screens ever installed for an event, framed a spectacular auditorium and included a vehicle parade featuring many of Ford’s most iconic models from the Model T, through Le Mans winning GT40s to today’s latest electric and EcoBoost models.

Just a few of the technical statistics for this spectacular event:

  • Widest ever temporary LED screens at 129m wide x 3.6m tall.
  • 29,376 pixels wide, equivalent to 16 side by side HD images or 8 x 4k
  • 1,296 individual LED panels each containing 9,248 three colour LEDs
  • 5,992,704 LED’s per screen
  • Content created in After Effects and composited in Watchout. Pixel count was limited by capacity of creation software – no-one has ever created imagery this wide before.
  • Screens built in four days and dismantled in a single overnight session.
  • CT provided a total of 37 crew and 464 man days to deliver the complete AV solution
  • Screen playback driven by six purpose-built S12 servers each with four 4K@50P outputs running Watchout V6 software including failover redundancy
  • Signal routing and control via four Barco E2 systems each with 16x16 4k switching capacity
  • Audio system supplied by CT includes 220 amplifier channels, connected by 4km of copper cable.
  • CT provided all streaming services alongside high density Wi-Fi install and full MediorNet system including 120 video, audio and data I/O’s, wired and wireless communication systems and general site IT infrastructure running over 5km of fibre optic cable.
  • 140 tonnes/640 cubic metres of AV equipment delivered in eight articulated trucks.
  • Additional information:
  • 23,520sqm (196m x 120m) floor space, the size of two football pitches
  • 12 months in the planning for two live shows
  • 1,800 employees, 325 media, 1,800 dealers
  • Guests from 33 countries
  • 110 Volunteers acting as hosts from the Ford team including FoG graduate and apprentice schemes
  • 58 cars in the show with 14 professional drivers
  • Two high-definition LED screens each 130m long: a total of 48 million pixels, 1,000sqm in size
  • Nine main presenters; with Mark Fields and Jim Farley leading the way and 23 Go Further people telling their Ford stories
  • 250 tables, 2,500 chairs, 500 table cloths
  • 30 hotels in Cologne, Dusseldorf, Aachen and Bonn regions plus one ship moored on the Rhine
  • 2,290 flights booked for media, dealers and hosts
  • 60 guest coaches, 15 shuttle cars
  • 300 build crew on site
  • 350 health and safety briefings
  • 2,900 crew meals served
  • 1,000 windows blacked out, 1,400 lighting fixtures
  • Totalling over 15km of cabling

The public show was streamed live in six languages and is available at: