CT’s International Reach Unites for SIBOS 2015

21 januari 2016

The CT team joins together in a worldwide effort for SIBOS 2015

Bringing together 8,000 business leaders, experts and decision-makers from every aspect of the finance industry, SIBOS is confidently correct in describing itself as “the world’s premier financial services event”. Creative Technology’s worldwide team helped GPJ Experience Marketing deliver this year’s show with members of our London and North America operations uniting with local CT offices in Singapore, the home of SIBOS 2015.

Those that attended the four-day event had the opportunity to attend a large number of presentations, talks and panel discussions that were taking place in seven conference rooms. The opening day ceremony was a spectacular affair; a 10,000 pixel-wide, animated cube was created using seven projectors and was used as part of the seamless and mesmerizing introduction animation.

CT Singapore supplied all the AV components to the event as each of the seven conference rooms were kitted out with 24 projectors; 12 cameras; data and vision switchers as well as audio rigs; plus TX and ISO camera recording systems for each room. CT London supplied and manned SibosTV’s live production-hub that supplied YouTube with four live transmissions of the day’s popular talks so that many across the world could tune into the SIBOS event. Having been held in Boston the year before, CT USA’s previous experience and knowledge was fully utilized in delivering this year’s SIBOS event.

This event saw the first use of CT’s newly acquired Riedel MediorNet systems – a real time network that enabled users to capture, record and edit the event as it happened. All in all, a total of 30TB of data was collected, edited, catalogued and archived – thanks to the efforts of our onsite file management team!