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Full Service Video Production

Our Creative Services division specialises in crafting compelling visual stories that engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. From concept development to post-production, we have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life. Whether you’re looking to create a promotional video, a branded content piece, or content to support your live event, we have the team and resources to make it happen. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, we strive to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of video production. Let us help you tell your story and reach your audience in a meaningful way.

Corporate Branded Video

Your brand and corporate values are what separate you from your competitors. When you are getting video content produced, it’s important that the production reflects your image, standards, and values.

Our creative content team has years of experience in working with the biggest brands and organisations, to tell your story in a compelling and engaging manner. Whether it’s for internal communications, training, public-facing, or promotional purposes, our team will work with you to deliver a creative video, using the highest quality equipment.

Motion Graphics Design

In the world of creative content production, the creation of stunning visual graphics has become crucial to the success of any project. The ability to create lifelike motion graphics, reflecting real-world environments, has enabled artists to create scenes and images that not only illustrate the subject, but can provide sights that are just impossible with real-life images. Whether 3D modelling, character animation, or statistical tables and scoreboards, our creative team can turn your vision into reality, and help to tell your story in a compelling, engaging manner.

Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has become a very popular element of many public events, and can provide breathtaking entertainment for big occasions. Creative Technology is well known for our creative content artists working closely with our hardware technical production team, ensuring that the projection mapping experience delivers a stunning visual experience. No other technical production company can provide not only the highest quality projection hardware, but the creative artistry to create a high-impact, entertaining, and effective display, whatever the building and location.

Live Event Production

When the project demands a creative live event production company, the CT team is standing by to provide production design, stage management, and creative production values to the event. Working in close harmony with our technical production team, only CT can provide an all-round service to not only deliver your live production, but to bring the same skill level that major broadcasters employ.

Experiential Content

With the incredible advances in audio-visual hardware and software, it’s possible to create visitor experiences with highly engaging, stunning visual and aural content. With interactive content, the visitor can become part of the show, and with holographic effects, the visitor can be mesmerised by realistic 3-D visuals. Super high-quality audio systems, with precise spatial separation, can provide an immersive experience like no other.

Our creative team, working with our hardware systems team, can design and create unique content, whether as simple as an interactive touch-screen experience, or a fully immersive environment with super high-quality imagery and sound. The ability to work as a cohesive hardware, software, and creative team lets us deliver a visitor experience unparalleled in our industry.

Interactive Content

The growth of touch-screen technology in the home environment, with smartphones, tablets, and PCs all having direct user interfaces via touch, has led to a huge demand for interactive content on devices of all types. From in-store touch-screen directories to museum and public space totems, consumers expect to interact with the devices they encounter in public spaces.

Our creative team has vast experience in the design and implementation of interactive content, and design of user-interfaces to provide an intuitive, engaging experience for the visitor. We’ll work with you to devise the most suitable platform, and design a programme to deliver the story in a compelling, engaging manner.

OOH Active Content

The proliferation of digital signage displays, in all walks of life, has led to a demand for template and page layout design to deliver the message in a clear and engaging manner. Our creative services team can design and implement your pubic-facing or internal signage templates, with easy to use tools for updating the content by internal staff. We can also manage the entire out of home infrastructure, from technical monitoring, to content creation and content management.

Our ability to not only install the hardware and software, but also to create and manage the content, provides our customers with a turn-key solution to ensure their investment in digital signage and out-of-home solutions is maximised and effective.

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