Managed Services & Technical Support

Managed Services Support for Organisations

Creative Technology Ireland supplies out-sourced expert technical support, dedicated crews and managed services for the most demanding media projects.

On-Site Technical Services

Creative Technology’s team of dedicated technicians and engineers provide an expert support facility for enterprises. We provide a range of services to suit every level of organisation:

  • Dedicated, full-time on site technical support service.
  • Bespoke service level agreements (SLA) to maintain systems and infrastructure.
  • On-demand engineering support.
  • Remote and on-site monitoring & support.
  • Content management & creation for digital signage, VOD, & IPTV systems.

Service Level Agreements

Our service level agreements (SLA) are designed to take the pressure of maintaining your audiovisual and broadcast systems away from your in-house staff. Because our technicians and engineers work across a wide range of sites and systems, our experience in managing the complexity of today’s integrated systems can provide experience and insight that enhances the operation of the system.

Available both as on-demand, and full-service permanent on-site presence, our bespoke solutions are tailored to your needs and budget. We can provide everything from pay-per-use engineering, right up to 24/7 coverage for critical systems, with guaranteed response times where necessary.

Our dedicated support desk team provides helpful, knowledgeable phone and email support. CT’s managed support team assists from inception to conclusion, including the management of any third party support elements.

Ad-Hoc Support

Our engineers and technicians are some of the most respected and experienced in the country. With a wealth of knowledge, gained over many years, our teams have a deep understanding of the operation and engineering of audio-visual and broadcast systems. Our teams specialise in meeting room setup, up to world-class TV studio and play out systems, and the highest quality LED displays and systems.

We recognise that not every customer needs a dedicated SLA, and may only need occasional support from our team. To accommodate this, we offer an ad-hoc engineering support option, allowing the customer to book a call-out on a per-call basis, charged at competitive hourly rates.

Whilst of course, our SLA client’s call-out will be prioritised, our ad-hoc service can typically be arranged with just a couple of day’s notice, or if critical, we’ll do our best to arrange a visit on the same day.


3rd Party SLA Management

Today’s complex media solutions typically consist of a range of interconnected systems, bringing together products from a range of the leading manufacturers. It’s common for these manufacturers to offer a support agreement, covering hardware, or software, or both. In most cases, this will not include local on-the-ground support, and won’t include trouble-shooting any inter-connection issues.

Our 3rd party SLAs take the manufacturer’s support agreement, and wrap them in a bespoke CT SLA, to provide the customer with an all-inclusive service. We manage the case, from start to finish, with our engineers providing the necessary onsite presence to diagnose, communicate, and rectify the problem.

Our support management team takes care of all the manufacturer’s requirements, from serial number tracking, to ticket generation, to spare parts logistics, and right through to reporting. We can even provide this service for systems that were not supplied or installed by our team.

Because we have a strong, trusted relationship with all of the leading manufacturers of audio-visual and broadcast technology, we can negotiate the best pricing on behalf of our clients. Our reputation as a reliable, knowledgeable partner, means that the manufacturers are comfortable to provide support at the best possible price point, as they know our team will resolve most cases without resorting to their support.

Turnkey Opex AV Solutions

Many larger organisations have a requirement to provide AV services in-house, whether for internal use, as in many corporate campus environments, or for their client’s use, as in hotels, venues, and stadiums.

Whilst such systems are necessary, they are generally not a core activity for the organisation, and the fast-changing nature of technology means it can be difficult for the organisation to select, install, operate, and maintain these systems.

Creative Technology can assist by providing audio-visual technology on an operational expense (OPEX) basis for qualifying clients. We will work with the client to determine the systems needed, and, once agreed, install as necessary for a fixed monthly or annual fee. All technical support, repairs, and replacement is included for the duration of the agreement, and systems can be upgraded or replaced as necessary.

The OPEX model can provide real benefits for many organisations, and takes the strain of specifying and maintaining complex systems away from the in-house facilities staff.

Managed Services  & Technical Support by CT Ireland

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