Virtual Communication Events

Virtual & Remote Communication Events

Creative Technology can provide innovative technological solutions to host and stream cutting-edge, fully interactive virtual or remote communications events for large or small audiences, to suit any budget.

Virtual Conference

A totally immersive, interactive and augmented virtual environment viewed live and through a display. Put your presenter in a virtual world and interact with it any way you can imagine. The result – a higher quality environment with less latency, and a simplified workflow which opens a multitude of opportunities for live and experiential events. Our virtual studio spaces feature high-quality LED or green-screen backdrops, the highest quality broadcast cameras systems, and our technical expertise to ensure your event delivers an effective and engaging result.


Managed Webex & Conference Calls

As we’ve all become familiar with remote working, video calls, and online events, the demand to ensure a high-quality experience for the attendees has become paramount. Poor quality audio, intermittent connections, badly framed video shots, and disjointed presentations all contribute to a poor image for the organisation, and a less-than-successful delivery of the message.

Our team of technical experts can provide your webinar experience with the right technology and skill-set to ensure your organisation puts it’s best foot forward in your virtual events and webinars.

CTs conference call technology gets you as close as possible to being there. From ensuring that the contributor’s cues are delivered at the right time, to balancing the audio levels, and helping the delegates to get their connections up on time. CT’s technical team can take the myriad of tasks needed to make the event run smoothly, and turn the experience into a professional, high-quality experience.


Virtual Communications Events for Businesses of All Sizes

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