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AV Technology, and how it can enhance the Hybrid Experience

Since March 2020, the Audio-Visual industry has experienced a seismic change. It had to make a rapid pivot when normal commercial activity closed, and meetings moved from conference rooms to laptop screens. The industry adapted quickly though, working with customers to piece together and develop the new normality of virtual and hybrid experiences, which has now altered the corporate industry, in all likelihood, for good. For most people, hybrid working now forms part of our daily working experience, and with AV technology, team members can work remotely without feeling disconnected from the professionalism of the conference room.

Hybrid experiences aren’t as new as many tend to believe with many events, like sports games and awards shows, being broadcasted across the world while also having a live audience present. This concept is now being adapted to suit our post pandemic world where many still hold feelings of doubt and concern around being in a busy environment.

With offices opening again, many are unsure about their return to full capacity environments. However, by modernising a basic meeting room, the hybrid working experience can be more efficient for all team members. Through the installation of a high-quality audio and visual conferencing system, hybrid working can be enhanced for home, office, and international workers, aiding workplace collaboration.

Successful collaboration can begin to dwindle when workers feel disconnected from each other, especially for those who are not ready to return to office spaces when other members are. Therefore, bringing technical innovation to bare in a virtual conferencing environment can enhance teamwork, and make people feel more connected in many ways, as if they were in the same room, even if some are participating from a remote location. Mark Richer, Founder and CEO of StarLeaf, stated “I’m convinced that people are happiest and most productive at work when they are completely and effortlessly connected”.

Businesses can also present professional, and innovative, hybrid productions that hook their viewers, through the use of virtual production studios. Not unlike broadcast television facilities, virtual studios allow corporate events to be interactive, creative, and an exciting experience for their audiences. Bringing creative innovation, such as an internal communication, into productions for corporate events, customer engagement or conferences, delivers richer content and adds energy into the messaging, which in the end provides an elevated experience for all participants.

Our realities have changed, but with AV technology we have the ability to grow with it, aiding workplace motivation, collaboration and satisfaction. This industry is fast moving with exciting innovations continuing to be developed every day.

At Creative Technology Ireland, we strive to provide our clients with the best and most suitable AV systems for their needs, making hybrid working and events an experience that all can enjoy.