IPTV & Digital Signage

IPTV & Digital Signage

IPTV has become an important technology for the delivery of television signals across Sports venues, Educational campuses, Corporate headquarters, and Healthcare facilities. Here at CT, we’ve been specifying, installing, and maintaining IPTV systems, DOOH & ambient digital signage solution systems for over a decade.

Our experience in both the broadcast television market, and in AV over IP platforms, ensures our technical teams are perfectly equipped to provide unbeatable advice, competence, and support, regardless of the project’s scale. Our clients range from small sites with less than 20 IPTV end points, to stadiums with an excess of 500 end points. We provide everything from a single free-standing display pod to wide-area content distribution and management systems. Experience advanced facilities such as interactive touchscreens, way-finding and I-beacon technology.

As Ireland’s premier partner for the leading IPTV solution manufacturers, our team has the network, relationships and technical knowledge to ensure your solution is right for you. With vendors such as TriplePlay, Exterity, HaiVision and others, we have access to the leading technology platforms, and can design the optimum system for your application.

With the demand to provide integrated media platforms rising, our experience and knowledge of digital signage, IPTV, and IP means we can propose multi-functional solutions that add value to the system and deliver outstanding picture quality at a cost-effective price.


Tripleplay has been selected by thousands of organizations around the world since its formation in 2008, establishing itself as a market leader in the development and delivery of business grade Enterprise video, IPTV and Digital Signage. TriplePlay is part of the Uniguest group alongside ONELAN, Touchdown and Uniguest.

CT Ireland has been TriplePlay’s premier partner in Ireland for almost a decade, and we support over 2000 TriplePlay end-points across our dozens of client sites.

TriplePlay’s product suite is fully integrated and easy to manage via its content management platform. Browser based management pages allow users to easily access, update and control different content types and dynamically deliver these to digital signage displays, mobile devices, desktops and interactive touchscreen displays.


Exterity systems are deployed globally by some of the most recognised brands in the world, enabling the distribution of broadcast quality digital TV and video over IP networks to an unlimited number of end points. With centralised management, configuration and control, Exterity solutions support large volumes of content and devices without compromising system performance or availability.

Headquartered in Scotland UK with over 120 staff based at its headquarters and a network of international sales offices, Exterity offers a worldwide network of partners.

From corporate, finance, education, hospitality, remote facilities, stadiums and healthcare, Exterity’s continued growth is underpinned by a loyal user base that includes many long term repeat customers.

Four Winds Interactive

Four Winds Interactive is one of the world’s leading providers of large-scale enterprise digital signage solutions. Their platform is used by global companies such as Mercedes, MGM Casinos, Loews Hotel Group, Kerry Group, and others to ensure their message is distributed consistently and with the highest possible quality. Four Winds provide a suite of tools to enable apps to include interactivity, conditional messaging, and wayfinding, with a global community of developers and users sharing applications.

CT has been a Four winds Interactive partner for many years, and have deployed the platform in a wide range of organisations, including Education, Medical, Hospitality, and Corporate campus environments.

The Coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in remote working, and the ability to keep in touch with a remote workforce has demanded new ways to manage communications platforms.

Four Winds has deployed their remote signage and messaging platform to facilitate the new norm. The need to manage hot-desk facilities safely, has been addressed with the company’s Smart Space Global division.


The TEOS platform from Sony provides complete building communications and booking services, including IPTV, digital signage, room and facility booking, and digital concierge services. Available as standalone modules, or as a complete environment, TEOS uses standard IT infrastructure, with low-cost set-top boxes at the point of display. Alternatively, if the client has Sony’s Bravia Professional displays, the TEOS software can run directly on board, saving both cost and complexity.

TEOS is high-quality, easy to use, and cost-effective, providing a wide range of applications in an integrated environment to make deployment and maintenance easy and straightforward.


Brightsign is the leading provider of digital media players for the digital signage market. With more than 1.6 million media players shipped to date, Brightsign is the default choice for hardware-based systems, and their range includes compact players designed to fit behind screens, through to 4K players enabling the highest quality images and video clips.


Broadsign is a cloud-based digital signage platform, and is the standard for high-end Digital Out Of Home networks across the globe. Broadsign provides clients with the ability to manage their network centrally across any region, with opt-outs, dynamic placement, programmatic yield, and other advanced tools.

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