Video Conference Systems

Video Conference Systems

Create the ultimate videoconferencing and remote working experience. Remove barriers to communication and save time and money by holding online meetings that anyone can join. Transform your boardroom with professionally integrated AV equipment. A videoconferencing or web conferencing solution can significantly enhance a company’s productivity and efficiency. Hold virtual meetings and virtual conferences with ease.

Interoperability with the myriad of systems is a critical element of a successful solution, and our team can advise on the best option for your organisation.


Transform more rooms into collaboration spaces

Today’s hybrid reality demands increased UC capacity, an upgraded experience, and a way to bridge the distance between the office or classroom and home like never before. Flex MM answers the call.

Flex MM works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other leading platforms. With more and more organisations using remote video conference and communications systems, having a system that can flex with the needs of your organisation is vital. Crestron Flex MM does just that.

Whether you are communicating internally, or reaching out to your clients, Flex MM lets you join with real-world systems easily and reliably.

Video Conference Systems Have Never Been Easier.

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