Video & Media Systems

Video Technology for Live Events

We’ve got everything you need to capture, control and broadcast video at your show, from end-to-end 4K camera solutions to broadcast quality capture and edit capabilities. We’re at the cutting-edge of immersive and pre-visualisation technologies, offering interactive, real-time studio environments and virtual reality that allow you to interact in an environment before it even exists. Of course , all our services are supported by robust show control systems and a team of hugely talented, dedicated engineers.

Media Servers & Graphic Systems

We supply and support a wide range of different media servers, so we can put together the right system for your needs. No matter the scale – simple keynote presentations to complex broadcast graphics systems – our expertise will make sure your content is perfectly and faultlessly presented. Our media servers and graphics systems drive event creativity and engagement, giving audiences richer experiences and increased interaction with your content and brand. By using common hardware platforms for our media servers and graphics systems across our global network, we offer consistency, security and scalability.

Cameras & Production Systems

Our ecosystem of best-in-class camera & production kit and engineering prowess enables broadcast-quality capture & edit capabilities to deliver top-quality content. With our cutting-edge equipment, robust, expandable systems and technical expertise built across entertainment, broadcast, sports and corporate markets, we can accommodate all types of niche system requests and make them a reality.

Record & Playback Systems

Our record and playback systems are built to capture every second of your event and play it back instantly. Whatever you need – from a USB recording to a venue-wide video server playback system – we’ve got you and your event covered with cutting-edge technology, plug and play systems and industry-leading expertise.

Switching & Show Control

Almost every event requires show control, allowing multiple functions to be controlled in one place by a small number of operators. All of our control and switching systems work on the same platform, and can be uniquely configured and developed for your needs.

Immersive & Pre-Vis 

Immersive or ‘mixed reality’ broadcasts are a fast-moving area that allow presenters to interact better with a virtual studio. Pre-visualisation uses gaming technology to allow creators and designers to see what content will look like before it’s displayed.

Projection Mapping 

Creative Technology has mastered the art of applying content to unusual structures and shapes, no matter what size or scale. We’ve projected content onto a huge range of surfaces, from The Hoover Dam to Buckingham Palace. What gives us the ability to do this, is our breadth of experience and our team’s incredible technical creativity.

Managing Video Content Has Never Been Easier.

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