System Integration

System Integration

We are committed to providing excellence to our clients with cost-effective solutions that use the latest, yet proven technology. Delivering Theatres, Performing Art Venues, TV Studios, Conventions & Expos, Conference Centres, Command and Control, Corporate Headquarters, Museums and Visitor Experience Centres.

Creative Technology System Integration (CT-SI) is a global operation within the CT Group; our SI division has offices in the Middle East, USA, Europe, and Asia.

Command, Control & Crisis Management 

CT-SI specialise in the delivery of control rooms to meet the exact requirements of the end-users. Our focus is to deliver technology to best suit the environment and the operational needs. We deliver powerful, scalable technology solutions that are ergonomically engineered and intuitive to use.

Our Process:

  • Understanding Workflow
  • Choosing Display Wall Technology
  • Design Environment – Acoustics, Ergonomics, Lighting, Technical Capacity
  • Technical Integration – Control – Flexible & Intuitive
  • Experience where it counts!

Retail / Showroom Installations

Large scale retail and showrooms now enjoy some of the highest quality installations to help engage their customers and sell their products and services. CT can integrate the latest event technology into your project, working closely with you, your designers or architects every step of the way to provide support and expertise. From spectacular retail installations, background audio systems and digital signage systems, CT can help you communicate and connect with your customers through immersive, memorable and interactive experiences using the latest installation technology.

Conventions & Expos

No matter where your next convention or expo takes place, CT will be on hand to deliver flawless technology solutions.

CT can integrate the latest audiovisual technology into your project, working closely with you every step of the way to provide unrivalled support and expertise. Our audiovisual support for conventions and expos is unparalleled in the industry.

Available for both temporary and permanent installations, we bring the same design philosophy and attention to detail regardless of the size or duration of the exhibit.

Image Credit: Adrian Smith & Gordon Gill Architecture

Experiential Activations

In this digital age, AV technology helps brands to increase customer interaction; this has driven demand for experimental designs and creative exhibitions.

We are at the forefront of AV technology, and with our cutting edge focus, we will find custom solutions tailored to your requirements and budget, including visually stunning displays, interactive exhibits, virtual reality experiences, and more.

Arenas & Stadiums

Stadiums are using audiovisual technology to enhance the spectator’s experience within the venue, bringing new and exciting dynamics to their events. CT has been at the forefront of many of these technical innovations in stadiums from both live events and permanent installations. We can help you enhance the overall experience of your stadium through high definition LED spectator and perimeter screens and digital leaderboards, entertainment and architectural lighting, crisp audio sound systems, 4k video, camera and record units and stadium control galleries.

Auditoriums & Theatres 

CT can help you bring your performing arts and world-class entertainment productions to life using innovative technology to create immersive theatrical unforgettable experiences that your audiences will never forget. Our highly skilled professional engineers are on hand every step of the way to design and install bespoke solutions tailored to your needs. Everything from stage lighting, audio and video solutions to stage engineering, electrical and mechanical installations.

Corporate & Commercial Solutions

From meeting rooms and boardrooms to complete office building installations, CT-SI has the technology to help you communicate and engage your audience through immersive audiovisual technology. When it comes to the finest components of your Audio Video system, CT utilises the best manufacturers in the industry to deliver ergonomic and friendly to use systems.

  • IPTV
  • Digital Signage
  • Conference Room Integration
  • Display Solutions
  • Control Systems & Integration
  • Video Conferencing Solutions

Managed Services

From technical advice to fully designed systems and everything in between, CT will help manage and deliver your project to the highest standards. From end-user training, comprehensive aftersales, and user guides to regular servicing and optimisation through our yearly maintenance programme. Our highly skilled team will be on hand to offer specialised support and technical expertise before, during and after the project has taken place.

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