Integrated Networks

Integrated Networks

Our modular and seamlessly expandable event infrastructures enable limitless control over live events. We make complex technology simple and deliver unrivalled adaptability, reactivity and flexibility at every stage. We believe in making event technology rock-solid, robust and reliable from the outset, so all our clients have left to focus on is what matters – a successful event that’s calm, controlled and certain from beginning to end.

Event Networking

Creative Technology can help you unlock the potential of event management with an enterprise-level, secure, reliable and flexible network. Our robust, modular and expandable event networking offers a unique joined-up approach to event infrastructure. We roll out enterprise-level high bandwidth network with a minimum 10Gb backbone for your event, offering an effective signal distribution platform over IP for all key services, as well as offering your clients fast and stable email, browsing and social media access. From CCTV, to VOIP to dynamic signage, we can connect anything to anything!

Two-Way Radio

One of the greatest benefits you’ll gain when using Creative Technology’s two-way radio capability is that the system is custom designed for your exact needs. Our bespoke systems can be designed to meet specific coverage, capacity, cost, and control requirements, providing a robust network that brings security, scalability, flexibility & reliability to any event.


Communications is an essential part of any kind of show, event or broadcast. At Creative Technology, we have the capability to offer you a system that’s built just for you – so your clients, talent and creatives can communicate securely and reliably. We offer a huge range of ‘best in class’ products chosen for their excellence and reliability from Motorola, Tait, RTS, Clearcom, Riedel and many more to provide a scalable and reliable comms system.

Web Streaming & Design

Our web streaming services provide secure streaming for global reach with rock-solid transmission and absolute quality. From encoding a feed to YouTube to providing a dedicated, private streaming server, we offer a wide range of web streaming options so we can tailor your online broadcast to your needs. As a global operation, Creative Technology is well-placed to stream securely from anywhere and at any time.

Signal Infrastructure

Creative Technology’s signal infrastructure services are cost-effective, time-efficient, and flexible – using one Fibre and IP infrastructure that carries any signal, from any supplier, across any distance. In a project where multiple contractors are supplying various services, there are often ‘gaps’ in signal provision. Our specialist Gap Cabling capability fills the gaps in signal provision and transport between multiple onsite technical providers.

Production Wireless

From a wireless microphone to a fully redundant meshing microwave link carrying a mix of audio, data and video services, our extensive technical knowledge and hardware provision brings wireless freedom to your event. Whether you need to transmit, receive, roam or broadcast, our capability covers any live and broadcast event. Set your event production team free with robust wireless multiplexing and guaranteed frequency agility.

System Integration

Making the sum of the parts work together as one in a single, fully-functioning, complete system. Systems Integration with Creative Technology brings together components and sub-systems and ensures that they all function together properly. With our unique mix of rental, sales and installation experience across broadcast, live event and entertainment technologies, we’re uniquely qualified to deploy robust and reliable systems and services for you.

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