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CT Delivers Virtual UCL Graduation Ceremony

Creative Technology (CT) provided a live platform for a virtual graduation and legacy event for WMP Creative and its client UCL Qatar (University College London in Qatar), enabling students from all over the world to celebrate their achievements.

CT supplied a full virtual solution, content management, communication system, and simultaneous translation, which was controlled from our Middle East headquarters in partnership with our client WMP Creative, Qatar.

Our solution allowed five different graduating classes and the academic staff to appear in six separate frames to ensure each class was easily identified throughout the virtual graduation ceremony.

The equipment used for the virtual event was identical to a normal live show our clients are used to seeing in a control room environment, minus the physical stage that would usually consist of the audio, video and lighting elements.

Our client designed the stage and CT built the virtual environment, modelling the 3D object of the stage to help produce the content. The content was created using 3D software and Notch to provide a fully customisable virtual environment which saw various elements appear as augmented reality.

A key part of our solution was exporting the Notch content into our Disguise GX2C system. This integration enabled us to use the Disguise Camera system to build a sequence of different views and simulate director’s cuts for the different cues in the show. The camera system integration gave the audience the perspective that the stage elements and the environment were real, enabling them to feel as though they were attending a live show.

We integrated our Riedel system to the video conferencing platform to enable the client, crew and remote staff to communicate from anywhere in the world. We also supplied a Riedel Artist 64 matrix frame, controlling 6 DSP 2312 desktop panels and 6 Bolero wireless belt packs. These units were used by CT crew and Clients within the CT virtual studio setup.

Our operators were able to program the E2 screen management system and media servers as they would in a normal live event setup from the direction of WMP, creatives and the show caller. We implemented the “live” aspects of the show via video conferencing, and we were able to encode real-time confidence monitors to return the live feedback to participants, so they could watch the show as it happened. Along with a video return feed, we could also communicate with the show participants to give them cues. This approach allowed us to integrate participants into the event from anywhere in the world.

The success of this solution is visible in the flexibility of the changes applicable in the design and in the real-time generative content that can be triggered and changed based on the client’s request.

The graduation was streamed live onto the University’s YouTube channel and recorded so it could be played back via video on demand.