LED Screens & Projection is at The Heart of What We Do

Renowned for prominence in creative display technology, it’s our ability to customise displays that really sets us apart – if it’s within the laws of physics, we can deliver it. Using our experience across all of the markets we operate in, we work to provide the best possible solutions for your event. You can rely upon Creative Technology to pull it all together to make the bigger picture.

Indoor & Outdoor LED Screens

LED screens are quite literally the focal point of an event – where footage, facts and content are displayed to your audience. We’ve got an unrivalled range and volume of indoor/outdoor LED, and the technical ability to make it all work seamlessly. Our LED screens offer versatility and flexibility. They can be used outside in daylight or high ambient lighting conditions, can be installed where projectors are unsuited, they’re lightweight and mobile, deliver high-end image processing and come in all shapes and sizes.

Curved LED

Our curved LED panels are leading the industry with resolution, contrast ratio and angles that others can’t match. This Innovation is just another example of how CT continues to push the boundaries on live event technology.

Creative LED Solutions

With our expertise in mechanical kit and knowledge of practical solutions, we can help you create and build one-off, boundary-pushing ideas. From a quick sketch to a full-blown concept, we’ll turn your ideas into vivid reality. We can deploy a range of creative LED displays across a stage area – we’ll make a screen curve, bend or wrap in ways the manufacturer never thought possible.


Our huge range of projectors from 4 – 40 thousand lumens, offer unprecedented choice and scalability. If you need a single projector for a conference, or a huge multi-blend made up of millions of lumens, we’ve got it covered. We’ve got the newest and widest range of kit, and we’re always assessing the market to ensure that we’ve got the best available.

General Display

We know that every event will need screens to display any number of things – playback, maps, information – the applications are endless. That’s why we’ve built up a massive rolling inventory of stock that’s ready for anything.

Custom Design & Engineering

Our technicians can create almost anything out of the ordinary. We custom design and engineer all types of structures for screens; stand-alone tour frames, or frames that tie into existing structures.

LED & Projection Technology For Events of All Sizes!

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