Full Service Lighting

At CT we believe that lighting is the perfect blend of art and technology successfully delivered with a surgical precision that can only be crafted from a highly experienced and dedicated team of technical experts. Our lighting systems are engineered to install and perform flawlessly under the most demanding conditions.

Lighting Fixtures

Creative Technology’s ever-expanding inventory of expertly maintained lighting fixtures includes static and automated fixtures from the industry’s most recognised brands. CT has fully embraced LED technology and has spearheaded the design of several custom lighting products for all event types.

Control Systems

Lighting control systems today are sophisticated data networks, interconnected with multiple forms of communications and departments. CT routinely invests in industry-leading control consoles, networking equipment and professionals to flawlessly implement the most complex show control systems.


We are aware of how valuable time is in this business. That’s why we spend endless hours of planning, pre-production and prep before the equipment even leaves the shop. Our success and yours is in the details, and that is where we excel.

Lighting Services That Truly Shine

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