Creative Technology and Herbalife Team Up

20 December, 2013

CT partners with Herbalife to deliver staging services for worldwide Herbalife events.

Marketing speak generally defines branding as a promise, a promise by an individual or organization that a set of expectations will be met when a service or product is purchased or acquired. Brand loyalists often possess emotional connections to a brand, secure in knowing what to expect.

For example, loyal Herbalife customers worldwide are generally confident that the company’s protein shakes, energy drinks, vitamins and nutritional supplements will be tasty, nutritional, safe and a good value.

The same is true when Herbalife partners with Creative Technology (CT) to provide staging services for Herbalife events worldwide. Herbalife’s events team leaders know that CT’s skilled project managers and technicians consistently and seamlessly deliver staging services that are innovative and executed to expectations. Whether the event is an intimate executive retreat in Sydney or a gathering of 20,000 independent distributors at the Los Angeles Convention Center, CT’s audio-visual staging equipment and technical support mirror the quality, sophistication and professionalism of the Herbalife brand.

CT has been Herbalife’s global staging company of choice for 10 years. In 2013, Herbalife and CT’s event teams crisscrossed the globe producing more 20 corporate events, some of which hosted 10,000 to 20,000 attendees. Events included award and recognition dinners, analyst and shareholder meetings, leadership summits and distributor conferences. The 2013 tour began in Bogota, Colombia in February and ended in Australia in November. The tour included events in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Singapore, Panama, South Korea, Germany, France, Spain, South Africa, Monaco and the United States. Herbalife’s 2014 tour kicks-off in Quito, Ecuador in February and ends in Prague, Czech Republic in September.

There are often logistic, labor and technology challenges associated with worldwide travel and event execution, but CT’s field teams easily overcome obstacles because of the company’s global reach. CT has overseas offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, China, Singapore, Quatar, and the United Arab Emirates.

“Herbalife’s management teams know CT staff is dependable, flexible, resourceful, cost conscious and steadfast to provide services beyond expectations,” says Nate Mitchell, CT project manager who has been traveling with the Herbalife global events team the entire 10 years. “I know, and Herbalife knows, we can depend on our global divisions to assist with cultural, language, logistics and technology differences around the world.”

CT’s global divisions have local, long-standing business partners they can depend on to provide technicians, laborers and equipment. Regardless of how many local contractors assist with an event, there is always a core group of CT managers and technicians overseeing set, execution and strike at every Herbalife event.

“When CT Europe or Asia facilitates staging services for an event, the local offices provide 99 percent of the staff and gear, which substantially reduces overall event costs for the client,” said Mitchell. “CT will occasionally sub-contract with a vendor for audio equipment, but never for video or camera equipment. If we rent local audio gear, there are always CT technicians on site to ensure proper setup and operation.”

Mitchell also says he always prepares for the worse, but expects the best. “To minimize logistics or customs glitches, we schedule shipping way in advance of an event,” he said. “We know which countries expedite shipping and customs and which are slow moving freight from country to country, city to city, venue to venue.”

A typical Herbalife event requires a cornucopia of equipment, hardware and software which CT generally pulls from its in-house stock, including top-of-the-line:

• Barco projectors
• Barco FSN HD/multi-format switching systems
• A variety of projection screens
• Sony broadcast cameras
• Aja Ki-Pro record packages
• Playback systems: Apple computers and Playback Pro software
• Sennheiser mics & Shure wireless mic kits
• Computer graphics capabilities
• And occasionally, LED walls.

Herbalife contracts with CT because of its consistency and reliability of service, staff and equipment. In fact, the partnership is so seamless that CT’s on-site project team members are often mistaken as Herbalife staff. “Herbalife’s CT field team is more than just a show crew,” Mitchell concluded. “We are a tight-knit family, the Herbalife folks and CT team. Everyone knows each other…on the road together, eating, laughing, sleeping. Herbalife’s managers have been in the trenches with us. They know we will do whatever it takes to get the job done right the first time.”

About Herbalife - 
Herbalife is a global nutrition company that has helped people pursue an active, healthy life since 1980. Products include protein shakes and snacks, energy and fitness drinks, vitamins and nutritional supplements, and a complete bath and body care line, available exclusively through Herbalife independent distributors in more than 85 countries.