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LRF’s Extrastämma 2020

Client: Lantbrukarnas Riksförbund

In the beginning of October, LRF responded the “new normal” in a most vigorous manner, proving they’re at an absolute innovative forefront when taking their annual meeting to the next level in terms of digital solutions. The result was a two-days hybrid meeting with 8 connected sites throughout the country, each hosting approximately 20 people in a Covid-19 adapted environment, together following and participating in the joint live stream, with minimal delay. The first day also included a connected dinner with live talks and interviews.

Creative Technology’s meeting tool tecViz Congress ensured that the formalities such as request for the floor, list of speakers and votings proceeded just as smooth as in a regular meeting, keeping the democratic process intact. CT also provided camera production, audio, lights, streaming and technical support on all 8 locations, working together with LRF to create a seamless and modern annual meeting experience for the 150 delegates.

“Creative Technology equals complete safety, trust and professionalism, in my opinion. We collaborated to reach optimal solutions of top quality, and above all very satisfied meeting participants. 100% delivery safe!” – Agneta Landeskog, LRF

Photos: Creative Technology