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Världens viktigaste kväll

Client: Jarowskij

Unicef’s fundraising gala Världens viktigaste kväll was broadcast on national Swedish TV4 on May 3, where artists such as Loreen, Miriam Bryant and Tusse Chiza, together with Jenny Strömstedt and Daniel Norberg, guided the audience through the 1.5 hour long live broadcast. The gala is broadcast every spring and Creative Technology has for many years delivered lighting design and video technology to the production, on behalf of Jarowskij.

In recent weeks, CT’s lighting designers have been working on pre-production of the program’s lighting design, including the many artist performances. This job involves a close collaboration with the set designer and visual director to create the right feeling and dynamics for the show. In CT’s pre-production studios, our designers build the scenography in a 3D environment and add lights, LED walls and projection to see how all elements interact. This way of working saves many hours on-site in the actual venue and makes it possible to get a preview of what the show will look like.

Set designer: Andreas Bini


Render vs reality


Example of rendered video.