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Streaming Technology & Interactive Platform

CT’s IT crew designs network systems and integration of various applications, providing media flows in various channels. Our tecViz Software provides the means of holding effective meetings and to create stunning presentations. Through scalable live streaming platforms you can reach colleagues and partners all around the globe. All tecViz tools are easy-to-use and can be brand customized.

tecViz Live

tecViz Live let you stream and send your message to an audience anywhere on the globe. Your digital broadcast can be distributed live and at the same time be recorded for immediate on-demand viewing. The platform is based on Amazon CloudFront which is one of the largest content delivery networks in the world.


  • Live Streaming
  • On-demand viewing
  • Subtitles
  • Distribution to social platforms
  • Distribution to websites
  • Encrypted password

tecViz Presenter

tecViz Presenter offers webcast solutions with synchronized slides – presenting slides together with the camera feed, for an optimized viewer experience. tecViz Presenter is ideal for digital events, council meetings, press conferences, company reports and other occasions where you want to combine video and supplementary information like presentation slides. The on-demand version is easily navigated through chaptered index.


  • Slides-and-video view
  • Audience interactivity
  • Viewer statistics
  • Chapter creator
  • Brand customized
  • Encrypted password

tecViz Event

tecViz Event includes interactive features such as questionnaires, free text functions and polls, and can be used to ask questions to speakers, participate in quizzes, brainstorm ideas, and much more. The audience response is presented as word clouds, graphs, speech bubbles and tables, igniting discussions about the outcome. In addition, tecViz Event also provides a view of the daily agenda, information on speakers, exhibitors, maps and travel & hotel info via an easy-to-navigate menu.


  • Audience interactivity
  • Live chat
  • Polls and questionnaires
  • QR code function
  • Easy-to-navigate menu
  • Encrypted password

tecViz Congress

tecViz Congress includes tools for administrating participants, generating projection views and building speaker lists. It lets the participants interact during the meeting via votings and polls. Each participant has their own tablet where they can read documents, request to speak, make suggestions and vote. Many hours and loads of paper are saved when using tecViz Congress.


  • Paper free congress
  • Speech list
  • Plea submission
  • Voting
  • Digital protocol
  • Encrypted password

Streaming Technology and Interactive Platform

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