Corporate Event Technology

Understanding the need for precision and quality in the professional environment, Creative Technology work with production companies, managers and corporate clients to deliver seamless and effective live corporate events. Creative Technology provides a bespoke solution to every client, tailored to suit the specific needs of the customer, the event and venue.


Providing the best technical solutions for conferencing has always been at the core of our business. Whether you’re looking to fill out a large venue or create a more personal conference in a meeting room, Creative Technology can accommodate corporate events of any scale with the latest sound, projection, LED, media server and camera systems. We can work closely with you to produce the screen content and deploy your event networking or delegate WiFi to guarantee the success of your event.

Product Launches

There’s no better way to showcase a trusted brand and their latest product than with an impressive launch show. From phones and cars, to ground breaking software and even washing machines! Creative Technology has been a part of creating memorable launch events for a multitude of products worldwide. Creative Technology works closely with production and creative agencies to find the best technical solutions and innovations for product launches that pack a punch. We can also facilitate the content production and event networking, so whether it’s streamed on the web, or held behind closed doors, we can work as a part of your team to hit your budget and deliver your event seamlessly.

Congresses & Annual Meetings

Creative Technology has many years of experience working together with many large political and non-profit organisations. Besides audio, video and lights, we support the democratic process of a congress or meeting by providing digital meeting tools, replacing the tons of paper traditionally used. Our tecViz Software is a frequently used service to help meeting organizers reach out to their audiences and support interaction.

Exhibitions and Fairs

Our innovation-driven technology will help your message stand out in the crowd and strengthen your brand. For decades we have worked in venues with unique technical solutions, along with architects and construction partners from all over the world.  We understand the demands and challenges of the trade show environment, and can create the ideal solution of audio, lights and video for you.

Taking your Corporate Event to the next level 

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