Event Technology for Live Music and Entertainment

We have been delivering total packages for festivals and large events, both indoors and outdoors, for many years. Through our involvement in this sector, we have been a driving force for the increased requirements and the accompanying increase in quality that these deliveries have been over the last ten years. We deliver tailor-made solutions for each individual festival, complete with stage, technology, logistics, staffing and consulting both before and during implementation.

Many of the country’s major festivals benefit from a long-term collaboration with us and we are always ready to join new festival adventures. At large festivals, there is a greater need in terms of management, service and logistics along the way, and we are happy to move these functions out into the field in the relevant period. At smaller festivals, you may not always have this opportunity, but our service and logistics apparatus are in any case ready to assist at short notice.


We deliver tailor-made solutions for each individual event, complete with stage, technology, logistics, staffing and consulting both before and during implementation. Our designers and technicians work across professional groups to create exceptional experiences.

Smaller events

No matter how small (or large) your event is, you will be able to take advantage of our solid equipment park, experienced freelancers, employees and our wide range of services. Over the course of a year, we design, plan and carry out more than 1,500 projects for various customers around Norway, and our customers experience time and time again that our experience and ability to carry them out benefits them even at the small events.

Our equipment park is set up so that it can easily be scaled both down and up, and this means that even the smallest events have access to the very best equipment, rigged and run by the same people who carry out some of the country’s most complex and challenging productions.


Creative Technology has proudly been at the forefront of the outdoor music scene for over 30 years, playing an integral part in some of the world’s most iconic outdoor live music events providing audio, display, lighting and cameras as well as experienced support. We continue to provide large-scale screens, exceptional audio, and the latest cutting-edge lighting technology to keep our festival delivery at the forefront of some of the best outdoor music shows.


Creative Technology has many years of experience and expertise in complete technical solutions for music tours and can tailor all technical parts in sound, light, image and video, as well as camera production. We have had the pleasure of working with many of the world’s greatest artists during their tours, as well as young and promising stars. We can offer international support and technical knowledge for trips around the world.

Theatre & Musicals

Creative Technology source and install the best audio, video and lighting solutions for many well-known theatre shows and musicals as well as touring productions in a multitude of venues and environments. We provide unrivalled support to ensure the seamless delivery of all technologies show after show.

Special Events

We have built long-standing relationships with large production agencies, working closely together on large iconic events, ceremonies and one-off spectaculars across the globe. Our team of professionals have extensive experience working on unique, cultural shows, finding the best technical audio-visual solution on a huge scale to deliver those ‘WOW’ moments that create truly spectacular, unforgettable live events, each with their individual style and message.


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