We design, produce and install technical equipment throughout the Nordic region. We work with clients, property developers, architects, engineers, theater consultants, interior designers, sound designers and contractors to create systems and solutions that meet everyone’s expectations.

We supply everything from the lights for the smallest stage rooms, to advanced motorized rig systems. Our work and our solutions are developed by us and are used in a number of theaters, cultural centers, churches, schools, broadcasting services, hotels, museums, conference centers and public facilities.

No matter how big or small the project is, our experienced and highly qualified staff will be available to assist in all phases of new construction or renovation. Some projects require simple off-the-shelf solutions and others need custom equipment. No matter what the level of complexity, CT has built up a solid reputation for bringing projects ashore on time and within budget.

Everything we build, we build in our own production plant, using the latest technology and in accordance with strict production standards. Safety is a priority in everything we do. Our engineers monitor new developments and standards looking for ways to improve our systems, making them increasingly secure and more reliable.


CT Installation delivers partial solutions and turnkey solutions for museums, libraries and experience centers where scenography, control systems, content production, light, sound and image are included.


We have extensive experience with large complex deliveries for public projects such as the National Museum and the new Munch Museum in Oslo.


CT installation delivers partial solutions and turnkey solutions for small and large stages. Everything from stage mechanics, PA systems, lights, dimmers and light tables, textiles and canvas, AV systems and loose equipment such as cables, microphones, racks and flights for storage.


CT delivers solutions for cultural schools, schools and universities where control systems and installations for lighting, sound and video are included.


Many of our beautiful churches and meeting rooms have challenges in terms of speech sound, universal design and lighting. CT tailors solutions for this type of premises that can be easily operated by the priest and teaching staff, or by the church servant and caretaker.


For a number of years, CT has provided stage and hall solutions for culture houses, concert halls and theater houses. We can show and document many years of experience with large and small projects.



CT designs and installs lighting for indoor and outdoor projects. Our deliveries and solutions for outdoor architecture and projects are made in close collaboration with architects, designers, suppliers and contractors.


Over the past 10 years, CT has delivered a number of major installations for course and conference hotels around the Nordic countries. Hotels, courses, conferences and trade fair areas are increasingly becoming “multi-purpose” arenas that are designed and projected so that they can accommodate a large variety of customers, events and hospitality events of various sizes.


We bring showroom concepts to life and keep the format during and after the roll out, with national or global reach. The solutions are built to be easily managed, remote supported, uptime-focused and offer a controlled total cost of ownership. As a partner we are used to cooperate with other parties to create new and secured solutions to reach your goals. Together we make sure brand awareness is taken care of and that the central package is installed and supported in a way that makes it possible for the store to focus on their head task. Our global network makes it possible to be cost effective with the highest quality, wherever you are in the world.


Large scale retail spaces now enjoy some of the highest quality installations to help engage their customers and sell their products and services. CT can integrate the latest event technology into your project, working closely with you, your designers or architects every step of the way to provide support and expertise. From spectacular display installations, background audio systems and digital signage, CT can help you communicate and connect with your customers through immersive, memorable and interactive experiences using the latest installation technology.


Studio environments is an area where we have long and vast experience. As a part of NEP Group, we know the demands of the studio productions and how to create the right display solutions for your needs. Everything from the right picture quality, display format, accurate resolution, and secured up-time with redundancy set-up, are some parts of the check list.


We make the arena visitor experience intense and informative by bringing the action and services closer to your customers. The solutions on the market today combined with our knowledge, offer a lot of possibilities to get the right set-up for your venue. From the network architecture and the scoreboard with scores and commercials to displays and video-production. All to be managed in an easy way with a solid control system by the staff. The arena will support all activities in your facilities, whether sports or other events.

Scalable Permanent Installation Solutions 

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