Remote Simultaneous Interpretation


Are you planning a multilingual conference or event?

Perhaps your presenters speak a different language than your audience or maybe your audience consists of a number of different language groups? Creative Technology can offer remote simultaneous interpretation services between any languages spoken on the earth. The solution can be easily applied to on-site events and/or virtual or hybrid events.

The remote simultaneous interpretation service is managed by an advanced technology that funnels, mixes and distributes audio signals in perfect sync, so that your audience can watch the keynote speaker while at the same time listening to the live translation in their own language, without delays or audio issues. We can handle an unlimited number of languages simultaneously, which means that your audience can chose whichever language they prefer and all tune in on the same event.

The application works on any device, such as smartphones, tablets or computers, as long as they are connected to the internet. The interpreters are working remotely and can be located anywhere on the globe, all connected through the audio signal mixing technology.


Remote interpretation

The interpreters work remotely over the internet which means easy access to interpreter talent

Unlimited number of languages

Our remote interpretation system can handle an unlimited number of languages so that your audience can participate in the same event no matter their native tongue

Seamless transmission

Thanks to advanced technology and experienced technical staff we make sure that the audio transmits are in perfect sync to all your listeners

Works on any device

The application works on any device, such as smartphones, tablets or computers, as long as they are connected to the internet

tecViz Integration

The interpretation system is integrated with Creative Technology’s streaming platform tecViz and can be used in combination with all tecViz services

Cost effective

Eliminate the need to rent expensive receivers and/or flight tickets and hotels for your interpreters

Brand customized

The application can be custom designed with your logo and the event’s graphic profile


The communication data and information is encrypted and protected with individual passwords

On-site or virtual

The remote simultaneous interpretation system can be used at both on-site events and virtual or hybrid events

Broadcast quality

The service is provided in full broadcast quality, ensuring a premium audience experience

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation for on-site, digital and hybrid events

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