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A thank you to our fantastic warehouse workers!

It has been a hectic, but fun summer for Creative Technology. For the first time in three years, the festival summer is back in full gear, and it’s noticeable in all departments and offices, but maybe especially in one place.

Just a short train and bus ride from Oslo, lies our warehouse at Vestby, and there they’ve been working non-stop since May. It’s been long days, with everyone working – you see, almost all of CT’s productions must go through here in some way or another. This summer there have been days where up to 20 semitrailers have been driven in, unpacked, and packed again, all in one day. Lighting, sound, video, stage – you name it.

The warehouse in and of itself is a gigantic maze made up of shelving, racks, equipment, boxes and more, sorted into categories over two stages. It’s impressive, and a bit overwhelming. Anyone can get lost here, but our skilled colleagues have full control. On a shelf sits a beaver with blonde braids and a yellow dress – a souvenir from a Justin Bieber concert a couple of years back, says Pål Kenneth, warehouse manager. There’s some of this – small, fun trinkets, with good stories connected to them.

This summer, the nine people at Vestby has packed and unpacked trailers from countless productions, festivals, and live events. Firstly VG-lista and Tons of Rock, then directly to Roskilde, Stavern Festivalen and Over Oslo – in addition to numerous smaller productions up and down the country. Now, the gang is in full swing working on Øya festivalen, starting next week.

There’s a lot that goes in to making such a packed program, with so many different productions, go smoothly. It’s hard to emphasize enough how important all our employees are. Still, we want to highlight the fantastic people at Vestby, and our other warehouses across Northern Europe. You’re doing such a great job, and the last couple of months you have been critical in the successful comeback of the festival summer. Thank you so much for all your amazing work!