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Tomas Ledin held a midsummer concert online

On Midsummer’s Eve, from a lush archipelago island, one could hear the well-known summer tones of Tomas Ledin blend with the sound of sounding cutlery and toasting glasses at the classic Swedish Midsummer lunch. At 1 p.m., Ledin broadcast a live-streamed concert from the Stockholm archipelago to celebrate Midsummer with his virtual live audience.

For many Swedes, Tomas Ledin is closely associated with the Swedish summer. For decades, his emotional and personal musicianship has enriched the life in Swedish homes with songs such as Sommaren är kort, Blå, blå känslor och En dag på stranden. It’s now been a long time since his fans saw him on stage as he was forced to postpone two summer tours due to the pandemic. This year, however, Ledin took the opportunity to try something new and went for a livestreamed Midsummer concert.

“This is a new way to communicate with the audience, and I felt I should to try it out”, said Ledin during an interview with national TV4 via a remote link.

Creative Technology (CT) was on-site with a camera production team and streaming technology to ensure that the concert reached the viewers in the best way possible. The team, which included cameramen, technical director, audio and lighting technicians and a project manager, had set up the entire technical infrastructure required to ensure a high-quality viewing experience. Niklas Ljunggren led the technical delivery from Creative Technology.

“The summer outdoor environment was a challenge. First, we had planned to build the control room with flightpacks, but since the area was difficult to access, we changed strategy and brought an OB bus here instead. With all technology in place, we are, of course, dependent on the weather, and in Sweden, you can always count on rain, especially at Midsummer’s Eve.”, says Niklas and smiles. “Fortunately, we were able to be in an orangery with glass roofs and walls that opened wide, which meant that we could preserve the outdoor feeling while we had a roof over the artists as well as staff and technology.”

Tickets were bought in advance via the digital platform Doors and viewers got to experience nearly one hour live broadcast with the beloved Tomas Ledin in an intimate and atmospheric concert filled with classic summer melodies. Doors is a platform for live online concerts and a way for artists to reach their audiences, even when concert halls and arenas are closed due to pandemics. The events at Doors are always broadcast live and can be viewed on any connected device wherever you want. Unlike a regular TV broadcast or a recorded concert, the audience can interact with each other and the artists in a chat, and they also have the opportunity to send questions and song requests to the artist.

“We can create several different interactive elements. For example, we can let the audience trigger confetti by sending a lot of hearts.”, says Daniel Sporre, COO at Doors.

The chance to hold virtual live performances means a lot to artists, who lost the opportunity to perform on public stages during the pandemic. It is a way to maintain contact with the audience and in the future Daniel believes that the format will remain in a hybrid format.

“Of course, we’d love to see an on-site audience as soon as possible, but that would be in combination with the virtual format. It allows artists to sell online tickets to people who may not be able to get there, who are located elsewhere or may be abroad. There are no limitations in capacity.”, says Daniel.