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The new National Museum of Norway

CT Norway has been awarded a contract for the delivery of AV equipment to the new national museum on the Vestbanet site. The delivery is the most comprehensive CT has agreed to so far. The scope is related to the design, delivery and installation of the overall system for management, energy follow-up, management and control of the building’s fixed AV systems and components. Digital infrastructure such as AV over IP for streaming audiovisual information to dedicated display surfaces for information and art communication. AV-technical system solutions for different room types such as meeting rooms, teaching rooms, workshops, digital laboratory, media room and multifunctional room.

The new National Museum will be the Nordic region’s largest art museum, and brings together the visual arts visual arts, crafts, design and architecture. Project New National Museum (PNN), a section of the Client Department in Statsbygg, is building the new National Museum. The project also consists of the architectural offices Kleihues + Schuwerk and Rambøll. During 2018, close to 1,000 people will be involved in the project, including contractors. Kleihues + Schuwerk also designs the interior in the audience areas (“Front of house”), such as foyer, bookstore, library, multimedia hall and restaurant.

The new National Museum will be completed in 2019 and will open to the public in 2020.

Photo: Ken Opprann / Statsbygg
Illustrations: MIR communication / Kleihues + Schuwerk / Statsbygg