Support Services

The installation department in CT aims to ensure that all installations maintain an optimal level of function, so that as few operational disturbances as possible occur.

The service and support department participates in both planning work and design so that follow-up, service and support are optimized after delivery and start of operation. We know products and procedures and can therefore offer tailored follow-up at all levels.

We offer service agreements where the customer can choose the scope, frequency, response time and supply of spare components. CT has its own workshop at Vestby and personnel who have specialized expertise in our products. Our employees are continuously updated via courses and are certified with in-depth knowledge of all products we deliver.

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We perform maintenance and repairs of equipment that has been damaged or has faults. In our large rental department, there is also good access to equipment that can be included as a replacement, if components have to be returned to the manufacturer. It is also possible to sign a support agreement that provides access to competent technical personnel to answer errors, questions or technical challenges within an agreed response time. For those who have a great need for uptime, agreements can be made to keep stock of critical components.


Today’s installations have in many cases a high degree of technical complexity and which require specialized expertise to configure. This normally makes it easier for the end user to operate, but we also experience that functions can be affected by individual events and sometimes result in the installation no longer working as intended. We have therefore made it possible to order the reset of the installation after the event or event has been completed.

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