Permanent Installations

Permanent Installations

Our permanent installations brings together components and sub-systems and ensure that they all function together properly. We are experts in digital signage solutions including display (LED, LCD, projection), audio, lighting, IT and virtual-reality, and we create technology solutions as well as content and distribution systems, with financing solutions that fits your needs. Our large support organization manages the complete product life cycle from installation to end of life, wherever in the world you want our services to be executed – we are with you every step of the way.


We bring showroom concepts to life and keep the format during and after the roll out, with national or global reach. The solutions are built to be easily managed, remote supported, uptime-focused and offer a controlled total cost of ownership. As a partner we are used to cooperate with other parties to create new and secured solutions to reach your goals. Together we make sure brand awareness is taken care of and that the central package is installed and supported in a way that makes it possible for the store to focus on their head task. Our global network makes it possible to be cost effective with the highest quality, wherever you are in the world.


Large scale retail spaces now enjoy some of the highest quality installations to help engage their customers and sell their products and services. CT can integrate the latest event technology into your project, working closely with you, your designers or architects every step of the way to provide support and expertise. From spectacular display installations, background audio systems and digital signage, CT can help you communicate and connect with your customers through immersive, memorable and interactive experiences using the latest installation technology.


Studio environments is an area where we have long and vast experience. As a part of NEP Group, we know the demands of the studio productions and how to create the right display solutions for your needs. Everything from the right picture quality, display format, accurate resolution, and secured up-time with redundancy set-up, are some parts of the check list.


We make the arena visitor experience intense and informative by bringing the action and services closer to your customers. The solutions on the market today combined with our knowledge, offer a lot of possibilities to get the right set-up for your venue. From the network architecture and the scoreboard with scores and commercials to displays and video-production. All to be managed in an easy way with a solid control system by the staff. The arena will support all activities in your facilities, whether sports or other events.

Scalable Permanent Installation Solutions 

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